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         Clip-In Hair Extensions are a great way to add body and length to your natural hair without damage or commitment we offer four textures to complement your natural tresses.

How to choose

· Natural Straight is our most universal texture for normal to medium hair, or hair that is keratin treated or relaxed.

· Silky Straight for fine hair.

· Natural Wavy for fine to medium hair that is naturally wavy or blend with natural straight or curly hair.

· Wavy for fine to medium hair, naturally wavy hair, curly hair, coarse hair that has be keratin treated or relaxed.

· Relaxed texture is for coarse to very coarse hair or non- chemical treated hair

Installation Tips

            This hair is easy to install and very versatile.

You will need

· Hair clips

· A rat tail comb

· Clip-in Hair extensions

1. Begin with the longest clip in piece 9’’ part your hair evenly (usually ear to ear) with the tail of the comb, where you would like to place the first clip-in extension. Using a hair clip secure the natural hair at the top of your head.

2. Second using the rat-tail comb tease the hair in small sections along the part line.

3. Next open the clips by bending them back along the weft.

4. Then slide the teeth of the mini combs into your teased hair along the part line.

5. Snap the clips in place by placing light pressure on each individual clip.

6. Move up about an inch, again part the hair evenly in a horse shoe shape, secure the remaining hair at the top of your head using the hair clip, then tease the hair along the part line, Now using the 5’’ clip-in piece, clip it in the back of your head, center it, close the mini combs.

7. Using the 2.75’’ clip in piece place them as close to the 5’’ clip on both side of your head.

8. Make your next even part, clip up the natural hair, using 1 of the 3 remaining 2.75’’pieces.

9. Tease the hair along the part line, center the clip-in extension at the back of the head and secure the clips by closing them.

10.Use the final two; 2.75’’ pieces on each side of the head placing them as close the center 5’’ extensions as possible.

11.Comb the natural hair over the clip-in extensions then flat iron or curl using a ceramic iron to blend.

Helpful Tips:

· If you have short hair make your first part from lower temple to lower temple instead of ear to ear or below.

· If you have long hair or you have purchased the same length as your natural hair, make your first part 1 inch from the nape of your neck, then place clips-ins for added length.

· For volume make your first part from ear, then place clips-ins.

· Also 1pkg is usually enough for a full head however if your hair is shorter than three times the length of the clips you desire you may require 2pkgs or 1pkgs and a half. Example if your natural hair is 5 inches ideally you should purchase 16-inch clip-in extensions if you choose to purchase 18 or 20 inch you may require up to 2pkgs.

· Use a demi permanent color or a rinse to match your hair color to your clip-in extensions this ensure your hair is radiant and matches seamlessly.

· Choose a texture of clip-in extensions that truly matches your hair type.

· If your hair is natural you may require a relaxer or a good wash and blow dry bi weekly.

· Have a stylist trim or layer your clip-in extensions.

· Number your extensions using white or red nail polish, to know their placement after they have been cut or layered, use the drop method 1 drop for the first row, 2 drops for the second row, 3 drops for the third row.


1. Wash your clip-in extensions according to the texture.

2. Comb them out first.

3. Use luke warm water then blow dry them or dry them over night by laying them flat on a towel or hang them.

Do’s and Dont’s:

· Do Wash your clip-in extensions separately from your natural hair.

· You can wash them 3 at a time or all at once.

· Its time to wash them when they become oil slicked or sticky from product build up.

· Follow the wash instruction for the particular texture you choose the shampoo may differ from what you use on your natural hair but follow instructions for optimal results.

· For wavy textures after washing two strand twist or braid your TrueHair clip-in extensions to enhance the wave allow them to dry over night. Small clip-ins get 1-2 larger clip-ins 3-5.

· Don’t sleep in them for too many nights.

· Clip in extensions do work for short hair.

· Take care of your natural hair, be sure to wrap, wash, condition, blow dry and flat iron your hair for optimal results.