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· What makes True Hair Co different from other hair companies?

At True Hair Co we select excellent quality human hair from young donors, We have the latest innovative methods for installation and we promote healthy hair care and an overall natural look, so that our clients can look their best for everyday or special occasions. We provide you with styling tips and texture options so that you look your very best whenever you step out at True Hair Co. We want you to love the hair you have not just cover it up.

· How long does the hair last?

Approximately one year. (With proper care)

· Is the hair easy to maintain?

Yes. Just follow the hair care instructions. We test all of our hair to make sure we are providing you with the best instructions in order for making sure caring for your hair is easy.

· Does your hair tangle?

No, all of our cuticles are intact and facing the same direction to ensure no tangling.

· If I ordered the wrong hair texture what should I do?

Don’t install it or break the seal simply return it and exchange it for the texture you need.

· Can I use heating tools, like flat irons or hot rollers?

Yes. Our hair is 100% human hair it can be styled using heating tools. We recommend that you use tourmaline ceramic heating tools or maintain your heat styles with hot dog rollers.

· Can the hair be color treated?

Yes. We recommend that you take them to a professional stylist/colorist for color matching.

· How is the length measured?

All of our hair is double drawn and is true to it’s length. Our hair is often longer than the purchased length, most of our 18inch hair is usually 19 1/2 inches.

· How much hair do I need?

Full Head needs 8oz or 2pkgs.

Full Head 20 inches or longer needs 3pkgs.

Partial Head needs 4oz or 1pkg.

· What color is Virgin hair?

It varies from Jet-black to a 1b brown sometimes a #4(chestnut brown) or a sun kissed blonde, depending on the origins

· Does your hair need to be washed before installation?


· Does True Hair Extensions look natural?

Absolutely, Our hair is the most natural looking hair on the market, follow our product description guide when choosing your extensions. We let you know what textures matches best with your natural hair texture.

· Is your Hair Shiny?

We offer various textures to compliment different types of hair so that your extensions blend seamlessly with your own hair and reflect light the way your own hair would just follow our product guideline.

· Why is it important to match my hair texture?

This will give the most natural undetectable results. You may not have to put all your hair away you could just add a few tracks or clip-in extensions and get red carpet results saving you time and money.

· How do I learn what texture of hair I have?

A qualified professional stylist that specializes in natural hair care can help you with that. Its important to know your hair type this will help instruct you on what products to use when caring for your hair.

· What if I don’t have good hair?

There is no such thing as bad hair, simply learn what texture you have and work with it.

· My hair is natural can I still wear extensions?

Yes. Dare to venture out from straw sets and twists our kinky straight which can add volume and length to your styles or offer you a change for a formal event, If your hair is fine and natural flat iron a piece and send us a picture so we will let you know which texture will compliment you best.

· How to care for my natural hair? (For ethnic or coarse hair)

We suggest that you make an appointment with a stylist that focuses on natural hair care, work with them to get a good regimen for your hair so in no time you will know how to maintain your hair. Some suggestions are a wash and blow-dry once every two weeks to help your hair stay straight an alternative to that is a Relaxer treatment or a Keratin treatment, be sure to wrap your hair or sleep on a satin pillow.

· Are clip-in extensions healthier for my hair than sew-ins and fusion methods?

Yes. They allow your hair to breath and take a break from tight braids and glues.

· Are clip-in extensions hard to put in without the help of a stylist?

No. You can place them in by yourself, just be sure to have the tools that we suggest handy, but I do recommend that you allow a stylist to trim or layer them so they frame your face and compliment you.

· If I do clip-in extensions will it cost me more money in the stylist chair?

Not necessarily, but you can’t afford not to if you are constantly doing sew-in and fusion methods back to back, your hair needs a break. This can be the reason for thinning hair and track alopecia. Most salons don’t charge much for a wash and blow dry so you can put the clip-in extensions in by yourself once you have been taught.

· How long should I leave my sew-in extensions?

6-8 weeks.

· If I choose a curly texture and my hair isn’t naturally curly how do I get my hair to blend?

We suggest one of the following methods: leaving as little of your hair out as possible, doing an invisible part or no part at all having your natural hair coming off your face, relax your edges or leave it out, wet set the curly hair then blow dry flat iron your leave out or use perm rods to curl set, try bantu knots, Enzo Milano curlers or braid your leave out and allow it to dry to create a curl pattern.

· How long should I leave in my U/I tips in?

It depends on how fast or slow your hair grows. You should remove them after you get 1 inch of new growth.

· Is the Relax texture the same as Yaki hair?

No, this hair is ideal for coarse to very coarse African American hair which can be bone straight or curled it does not have a zig zag pattern like Yaki hair since it is very natural and soft to the touch.

· Is the Kinky straight dry or nappy?

No, this hair is very soft and supple, It has a coiled/ wave pattern like well nourished, African or Island hair which can be bone straightened with ceramic flat irons.

· Do you ship internationally?

Yes, just provide us with all needed shipping info.

· What does Co-Wash mean?

Washing by using a moisturizing conditioner and rinsing.

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