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Customizing Your True Hair:

Our mission is to bring you pure, natural hair.  What separates us from other companies?  We start by presenting you with a choice in the texture of hair you purchase. All of our hair is premium quality, reusable and easy to maintain.

Start by choosing the texture of hair for your ideal style. All of our hair comes with a very detailed pr oduct description, which allows you to make an informed decision when choosing from our straight textures or curl patterns.

Next, select the method in which you would like to install the hair.  We provide the traditional weft method and various innovative methods, such as EZ links and tape hair.  At True Hair, we care about your hair.  Therefore, we also inform you what installation method is best, depending on your hair type.  By this we mean is your hair relaxed, natural or curly?  This may have an effect on how a method may suit your hair type.  Our goal is to introduce you to new methods that will allow you to give certain areas of your hair a break from tight braids or glue.  We also offer hair that matches your own so you can be more daring with your styles and installation methods.  Be sure to read the hair care instructions for each hair texture. Some of them may require that you use less or different products than you would on your own hair.  Keep in mind that this is real hair, so you must nourish and take care of it for optimal results.