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Micro Links

           This hair is ready to wear, reusable and suitable for wavy, straight, curly or relaxed hair as well as natural hair that has been blow dried and flat ironed straight.

You will need:

· Hair clips

· EZ link tools, A mini crochet needle, extra links and pliers are provided.

Care Instructions:

1. Comb out hair from ends to root.

2. Wet hair and smooth clarifying shampoo onto hair from roots to ends. Allow water to run through and be sure to not wash hair aggressively. Follow with a non-sulfate conditioner.

3. Air-dry hair.


1. Hair should be clean and dry.

2. Begin from the back of the head. If you wear your hair in a high ponytail, make your first part at least an inch from the nape of your neck.

3. Cut the skin weft a little less than the length of the part. Do not cut it the exact size of the part. Center the skin weft so there is at least a quarter of an inch on either side.

4. The wefts and parts should get longer as you move up. This will help you get a natural tapered look.

Securing the Links:

1. Once the skin weft is cut, align it with the part.

2. Hold the weft in place with one hand and beginning with the first link, slide the crochet needle into the link holes.

3. Grab a small amount of hair from above and in a twisting motion, slide the needle back out. The latch will close as you are pulling the hair through the link.

4. Once all the hair is inside the link, close the link by smashing it flat with the pliers. Repeat this until all the links are secured.

Opening the Links:

1. Lightly smash the links opposite of the way you closed them by squeezing the sides. Don’t add too much pressure or you will close them.

2. Once all links are opened, slide hair out, wash and reuse.

Repairing Links:

You will need:

· Needle and thread

· Crazy glue

1. Cut the thread on the damaged link.

2. Put a drop of super glue on the new link and place it on the skin weft.

3. Once the glue is dry, thread a sharp needle with sixteen inches of thread and tie a knot to double the thread. Once doubled, the thread should be eight inches long.

4. Pierce the skin weft with the needle. Pull only three quarters of the thread through and sew the link in place.

5. Cut the thread at the needle and tie a knot using the left out thread.