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Tape Hair

          This hair is ready to wear and is suitable for straight, wavy or relaxed hair. Curly hair should be straightened before installation. We do not recommend this method for kinky natural hair.

You will need:

· Rat tail comb

· Hair clips

· Tape hair

Care Instructions:

1. Comb out hair from ends to root.

2. Wet hair and smooth in shampoo from roots to ends. Allow water to run through and be sure to not wash aggressively. Follow with conditioner.

3. Air dry hair or use a blow dryer and brush.


1. Hair needs to be clean and dry.

2. Part the hair in a U-shape.

3. Clamp the hair about two inches above the ear. We recommend having the crown free. However, if you are experienced in wearing tape hair, you can add more in this area when you are done. If you like to wear your hair in a high ponytail, leave some hair out along your hairline and start an inch above the nape of the neck.

4. Beginning from the back of the head, clamp up the hair you will be attaching to your tape hair.

5. Take a piece of the tape hair and remove the backing, sticky side facing up, and place the tape hair at the part.

6. Using the tail of the comb, part a thin amount of hair to cover the sticky side of the tape and smooth the hair onto the tape.

7. Remove the backing from another piece of tape hair with sticky side facing down.

8. Sandwich the two pieces together with the natural hair in between. Press firmly or use pliers. Repeat.

9. Hair should be spaced about a half an inch apart based on how full you would like the hair to be.

10. When applying, if you would like to blend colors, purchase two different colors and use them at the same time, such as using a darker piece on top and a lighter piece on bottom.


Spray solvent on the tape to make it not sticky. Slide the tape away from the natural hair.


Before reapplying, remove the old tape from the skin weft and replace it with new tape.

Do’s and Don’ts:

· Depending on how fast your hair grows, this application will last up to two months.

· You can wash this hair as often as you wash your own hair.

· You can use the same quality shampoos you use on your own hair.

· If you are in between washes, try Rene Furterer dry shampoo.

· In order to have less work to do when re-applying, it is best to wash the hair a few days before removal.

· Try to avoid using alcohol-based products.